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This beautiful Butterfly Fairy Suncatcher is handmade with Crystals. These wings are magical and filled with glitter! The wings of this beautiful angel are handmade and silver-toned. This magical fairy would make a beautiful gift for a loved one. 


Perfect Home Decorations – You could hang one in a window, on your rearview mirror, in your garden, your home or office, or in any spot that needs a little magic and sparkle. The Swarovski crystals reflect dazzling little rainbows when the light hits them.


Perfect Gift Choice – Fairy Swarovski Crystal Angel Suncatcher is a great gift for your friends, family, loved ones as well as yourself. Whatever the occasion is – an anniversary, birthday, baby shower, Christmas – our suncatcher would be a great embellishment to it. 


Material: Crystal
Size: 6.29*4.72 in
Handicrafts: Because each piece is handmade, imperfections and minor color/length variations may be expected.

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